Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Quote of the Day (April 8th, 2015): Uberrapists!

Today's quote of the day comes from The Korea Times. The article, Rape-charged US Uber driver brings chills to Korean market mentions that an Uber driver based in the United States, who had been held in custody without bail since December on charges of rape, was acquitted. He was acquitted because his lawyers were able to come up with evidence that cleared him of all charges and showed that the woman had filed a false report.

Here are the ways that the Korea Times could have reacted.
  • Relief that an innocent man had been set free.
  • Anger than an innocent man had been detained for months for a crime that he did not commit.
  • Questioned whether the reasons the man could have been held for so long was the fact that he was black and an immigrant.
  • Concern that false rape claims might do real harm to actual rape victims.

However, here is the reaction that the Korea Times journalist, Ko Dong-hwan, chose to go with:

Despite the acquittal, the incident raised alarms on criminal motives that could have been harbored by Korean Uber drivers if the service hadn't been stopped earlier this year on the Korean Peninsula.

Innocent until proven guilty? The immorality of guilt by association? Bah! Who has the time for that sort of thing? Certainly not the Korea Times!

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It was brought to my attention that the offending quote can no longer be found in the Korea Times article. In fact, even the article's title has been changed to the much more neutral US Uber driver acquitted of rape charges.

However, the article still does have the odd disconnect as the article changes mid-way when it stops mentioning the case at hand completely and then repeat the Korean government's position that it will not tolerate startups operating in Korea that violate domestic laws, no matter how innovative and creative they may be.

Perhaps someone at the Korea Times reads this blog? Well, that might be too much to hope for.

Regardless of the reason, I am glad to see that such a ludicrous statement was removed. Also, in the future, I shall remember to take screen shots.

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