Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Mad and the Deluded and Peace in Korea

I had never heard of Christine Ahn until today when I saw from a video clip on CNN that she was one of the people behind Gloria Steinem's decision to march across the DMZ. When Sue Mi Terry accused her of being a North Korean sympathizer in the video, I decided to do my own research. That was when I found Ahn's column in the Huffington Post.

(I am already familiar with Sue Mi Terry's mad views and now that I have familiarized myself somewhat with Christine Ahn's views, if these two ever decide to escalate their war of words into a bare-knuckle fistfight, I sincerely hope that they both end up losing.)

I am not entirely sure if Ahn is a North Korea-sympathizer. However, she is certainly very deluded. In fact, I think that she could even give Felix Abt and Michael Bassett a run for their money.

To understand why, check the fourth item on this blog post from Joshua Stanton's blog, One Free Korea.

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If you ever decide to endanger your child's life just to make a political point, you are deluded.

If you are crying for the North Koreans who have to endure the effects of economic sanctions, but you are not blaming yourself for having put your daughter in harm's way in the first place, despite being told by everyone not to do so, you are deluded.

If you are crying for the North Koreans who have to endure the effects of economic sanctions, but do not at all bother to even mention the millions of North Koreans who have died of starvation while the Kim Dynasty dines on caviar, you are deluded.

If you think the reason the North Koreans spend so much of their GDP on their tinpot military is simply because of American airstrikes that occurred in the the early 1950s, and not because of, say, choosing to pursue unusable nuclear weapons, you are deluded.

If, even in the midst of all this, you are praising North Korea because it provides free and universal healthcare to its citizens and to visitors despite all the reports that say just how horrible North Korea's health care system is (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), you are deluded.

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As for this video clip from CNN, she emphatically denies that she is pro-North Korean. Despite her obvious delusions, I believe her. I believe that she believes that she does not support North Korea. What I want to focus on is what she did say. She says that she is “pro-peace, pro-engagement, pro-dialog, and pro-human rights.”

The fact is that these are cheap talking points – the type that is typically used when people are trying to say as much as possible without actually having to say anything.

Is there anyone who doesn't want peace? Everyone, with the possible exception of sociopaths, longs for peace. But it is the North Koreans who sunk a South Korean naval ship. It was the North Koreans who bombarded a South Korean island with artillery. It was the North Koreans who attempted to hack into a South Korean nuclear power plant.

To quote Shakespeare, “What, drawn, and talk of peace!”

There is no one who doesn't seek genuine engagement or dialog. However, when the North Koreans' idea of engagement and dialog is nothing short of nuclear blackmail, or just plain blackmail; when they have announced that they have no interest in even talking about abandoning their nuclear weapons, then just what the hell is the point of talking to them?

And who isn't pro-human rights? Even the North Koreans claim to value human rights, which should probably go down as one of the most twisted jokes to ever be recorded in history. Much has already been said about North Korea's human rights. However, only one question needs to be asked to end the debate once and for all – Why doesn't the North Korean leadership permit the vast majority of its citizens to leave?

However, Ahn wishes to speak of peace. She wishes that the Korean War would finally end so that both countries will divert their monies away from their respective militaries. Never mind the fact that one is clearly the aggressor and the other is not.

I never could understand this mentality – the refusal to judge an aggressor as an aggressor. I have always thought that a refusal to make moral judgments when faced with such a decision is an abdication of one's own mind. I could never live with myself if I did that. Apparently some people have no problems doing so.

With mad Sue Mi Terry on one side and deluded Christine Ahn on the other, all I can say is “A plague o' both your houses!”

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I said that I did not think that Christine Ahn was a North Korea-sympathizer and merely thought that she was deluded. However, I have just read Joshua Stanton's latest post about Christine Ahn and I stand corrected. She is not merely deluded; she IS a North Korea-sympathizer.

I also said that if Sue Mi Terry and Christine Ahn ever decide to get into a bare-knuckle fistfight, I hope that they both end up losing. I would like to retract that statement. I hope that Sue Mi Terry would win that fight, but just barely.


  1. The reason Christine Ahn says the things she does is because she's sympathetic to the North Korean cause, and likes it more than she likes South Korea. She's an old-school Tankie, an unreformed communist. In her mind, the US is the fountain of all evil, and anything anti-American is by definition good.

    This makes her pro-North Korea.

    Her ticket was punched by everyone who ever read her work many years ago. Don't let her wiggle out now.

    1. You were right, Craig. I should have done my research. She is a tankie, indeed.

  2. This is her: