Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Thoughts: Maxim, True Blood, and China

Maxim Korea's “Glorification” of Rape

After Maxim Korea's infamous magazine cover that had everyone clucking their tongues, Maxim Korea has finally apologized. Never mind the fact that the article was saying “Ladies, please don't go for the bad boys, because this is what real bad boys are like.”

Did the article confuse “bad boys” for criminals? Yes. Was it silly? Quite. Was there an element of victim blaming? Perhaps. But was it a glorification of rape or violence against women? No!

Maxim Korea has apologized and I would have told them to apologize, too, if I had been their PR representative. From a business and PR perspective, it is better to apologize, cut one's losses, and move on. But as a matter of principle, this was a case of a magazine bowing to pressure from people who most likely did not or could not read the article and who reacted only to the pictures.

From now on, the only pictures that anyone should ever post are pictures of kittens and puppies. I bet that even Mein Kampf would be considered to be all right if it just had more cute pictures! And why not? No one seems to be able to read a thing when they are distracted by pictures because “pictures speak a thousand words.”

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True Blood and Black Markets

I realize that I'm late to the game, but I only just finished watching the first season of True Blood. I thought that the whole “out of the coffin” aspect of the plot was interesting. However, what was even more interesting was the fact that vampires were purchasing bottled synthetic blood.

But economically, the story doesn't make much sense. Why does this company have a monopoly on synthetic blood? In the show, there does not seem to be any other business that offers an alternative brand of synthetic blood. You'd think that more businesses would want to get in on that action.

Also, the vampires themselves claim that the synthetic blood does not taste as good as the real thing. So why isn't there a black market where humans sell their blood to vampires? That way, the vampires would still be able to enjoy blood that tastes good and they would not have to resort to violence – the latter, which is the primary cause for their overall bad reputation among humans.

A mutually beneficial economic relationship between humans and vampires via the selling and buying of each others blood (seeing how vampire's blood is also a highly sought-after recreational drug) would be far more helpful to create a peaceful relationship between vampires and humans than just about anything else.

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China's New Best Friend For Now

The recent military parade that was held in Beijing did not make any historical sense. The People's Republic of China was not established until 1949 – four years after Japan's surrender. Not even Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek could take credit for that. Japan surrendered to the United States. China had little to do with Japan's surrender.

However, even if China had played a major role in Japan's surrender, the parade is proof that the Chinese do not understand irony. What could be more ironic than to commemorate the defeat of fascism with one's own goose-stepping parade?

The news media also made a big deal of where President Park Geun-hye was seated as opposed to where the North Korean representative was seated.

Yes, it's true that China prefers its partnership with South Korea to its alliance with North Korea. However, it would be a mistake for the South Koreans to think that this somehow marks a significant shift in Northeast Asian geopolitics. Henry Kissinger once said “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”

This does not only apply to the United States.

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  1. Indeed, the irony is all too historically recorded, for posterity.

  2. Hi John. How have you been? You put your picture up, aren't you a cutie. You're just one season deep into True Blood and worried about plot holes? I know you're a straight up nerd boy now. Who cares about plot holes when the entire first season is pretty much nothing but naked people screwing? What plot? ha ha ha Yes, there are humans that sell their blood and trade it for favors but that comes in later seasons. If you can stand to keep watching. It eventually goes completely off the rails sometime during season 2 or 3. I stopped watching around season 4 when everybody stopped fucking and started killing each other off. As for the Maxim thing, WTF. Just more "stick up your ass" social policing that Koreans are perfecting into an art form. Americans aren't any better they're just a lot more random about it. I don't know about Maxim Korea but the US Maxim is a men's rag that has always had half naked women and lots of macho stuff in it anyway. It's one of the mags I found under my kid's mattress when he was 14 along with a Victoria's Secret catalog and some worn out porn mag with a lot of beaver shots. It's Maxim not Dr. Seuss. I think it's a pretty safe bet that at least every few months something "ironic" will come out of China or Japan. We won't even include North Korea because, well, it's NK. Just more of the same.