About The Korean Foreigner

Origin of the Blog's Title

I was born and raised overseas but because I was the son of an immigrant, I, too, was considered an immigrant.  I was never offered citizenship or permanent residence.  I was always a foreigner.  Then I left and went to the US for college.  Naturally, I was a foreigner there, too. Finally, I 'returned' to Korea, the country of my parents' birth.  My birth certificate, passport, and social security card all say that I am Korean.  However, as I never lived here, my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, philosophy, and experiences are all foreign.  So although I am Korean, I feel like a foreigner in my own country.  That was where the blog's title came from.

My name is John Lee.  Feel free to call me John, if you wish.


I mostly focus on writing about politics, philosophy, economics, and social issues.  However, I do not limit myself to these topics.  


I enjoy reading other people's comments and replying to them.  Knowing that others have read what I have written and are willing to engage me in discussion is a delight.  However, seeing how the Internet allows people a certain level of anonymity, there are people who frequently forget their manners.  Therefore, I have a few guidelines that I would like to suggest.

  1. Before commenting, please read the original post as opposed to just reading the title and jumping to conclusions.
  2. Do not make any personal attacks toward others, and do not troll.  Trolling will not be tolerated.
  3. Do not post unsolicited spam.
  4. I will make up further rules/guidelines in the future as I see fit.

Fair Use

Everything on this blog is intended to be public material.  Should you feel inclined, you are welcome to use any part or the whole of this blog, provided that proper attribution to this blog and a link (if referred to online) are provided.

My Blog, My Rules

This is my blog.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  As such, I will write whatever it is that I please.  Furthermore, if you decide to comment and say something incredibly offensive or stupid, I will call you out and then ban you.  That is all.