Other Awesome Blogs

The following are other blogs that I read and enjoy thoroughly.  Please, give them a perusal.  The following list is in no particular order.

Ask a Korean

The Marmot's Hole
Asia Pundits
Eat Your Kimchi
Zen Kimchi
Seoul Eats
Wine Korea
ROK Drop
The Grand Narrative
Seoul Gyopo Guide
Indieful ROK
Korean Indie
Modern Seoul
The Kimchi Queen
Modern Korean Cinema
Seoul State of Mind
The Korean Law Blog
The Three Wise Monkeys
Korean Gender Cafe
Digital Native

The following are not blogs per se, but which I would be remiss not to mention.


Seoul Selection
Groove Korea
10 Magazine
Korea IT Times
Korea Beat
Busan Haps

And the following are non-Korea related blogs that I enjoy very much.

Cafe Hayek
Free to Choose
The Grumpy Economist

And a special shout-out to the Bitchin' Kitsch, a magazine that is run by my friend, Chris, and her husband, Dana.  No, the Bitchin' Kitsch is not a Korea-related magazine but I'm sure that we all must have other interests besides Korea.

The Bitchin' Kitsch