Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Open Letter to the Anti-Gay Conservative Christians

Dear Conservative Christians...

Actually, lets not mince words.  There is nothing Christ-like about you.  And I should know.  I am hardly a fan of Christ but I like to think that I really do my research before hating anything or anyone.  So let’s call you what you really are.

Dear Primitive Neanderthals,

Yesterday, with hundreds of people carrying signs that read “Love is Stronger than Hate,” the fifteenth annual Queer Pride Festival took place in Sinchon. It was not without controversy.  That was because you refused to let it go quietly.  You  had to make it a point to show the world how hateful you are.

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True to form, you showed your ignorance, myopia, bigotry, and misanthropy by participating in a protest against the legally sanctioned Queer Pride Festival.  If you thought that the police would support you, you were clearly wrong as evidenced when some of you were arrested for refusing to disperse after being told to do so.

Much has been said about gay rights, civil rights, and equality. On the other hand, much has already been said about tradition, the sanctity of marriage, and religion. Much has already been said about how wrong the other side is.

I know for a fact that what I say here will not change this debate. The debate will not change. It will only end when you primitive mystics are bred out of the gene pool.

In the meantime, my dear conservative idiots, please, watch this video. If Mr. Bill Fox News We’ll-Do-It-Live Papa Bear O’Reilly tells you that you’re wrong, YOU ARE WRONG.


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  2. Do Koreans watch Bill O? I have a question. Is it just the Christian conservatives that are vehemently opposed to homosexuality? Of course in the US they are the most vocal opponents but homophobia is pretty deeply entrenched in our culture. Which is pretty macho to say the least. Here you don't have to be Christian to hate gays, just feel threatened by their perceived lack of masculinity. How do ordinary Korean men feel about flower boys which are everywhere in Korean entertainment? Do regular Korean guys emulate the style because Korean girls like it? I can't show an American girl a Kpop video without them asking if the boys aren't "gay". That's how deeply runs the divide between what is acceptable for the way a man looks, dresses and behaves. Even women are baffled by it. I know it's silly considering the androgyny of the late 70s and glam rock bands of the 80s. So I'm just curious because it seems to me that Korea already accepts some practices that Americans would find pushes the barrier between what's masculine and what isn't.

    1. Fortunately or unfortunately, though Fox News is aired in some cable packages in Korea, it is not nearly as popular as CNN is. Not that CNN is that popular either. There are, however, plenty of conservative wannabe-Fox News Korean news channels that seem to fill the "need" for that market.

      Gay marriage, and homosexuality in general, is scorned upon by most all religions in Korea. Even the non-religious older Koreans heap scorn upon it. However, the Christians, though not the majority religion in the country, also tends to be the one of the most vocal groups. There are plenty of wannabe-Jerry Falwells here.

      I don't know how or why androgyny became so popular in Korea. I think that might be a topic better covered in another (very respectable) blog - "The Grand Narrative."

      However, despite appearance, with the exception of a few celebrities (I can only think of three at the top of my head), they are all straight. Or they at least give that impression. I am certainly no expert in this particular field, however. So you should take whatever I have to say about the popularity of this particular subculture with a fistful of salt.

  3. You primitive mystics.

    Right on.

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    1. This comment has been deleted for homophobia.

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